ArabicNow! 9.0

With ArabicNow!, you'll learn by immersing yourself in Arabic
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With ArabicNow!, you'll learn by immersing yourself in Arabic. You'll participate in real conversations, read interesting articles, and watch intriguing videos from Arabic-speaking countries.
Engaged in this rich multimedia experience, you may never feel like you're studying, and the fact that you are actually using Arabic becomes transparent.

Big Video Screen - Just select one of the interesting articles or stories and click to explore your new language. View foreign language videos complete with the sites and sounds of real people speaking and interacting in Arabic. Or jump directly into exciting interactive games, pronunciation-improving practice or invigorating conversations. Determine your own learning pace by deciding when you need translation-and when you don't. All the tools you need to quickly master Arabic are instantly available in ArabicNow!

Interactive Conversation Practice ? Practice your lines using the prompts and the integrated speech features, then record your voice and replay the whole conversation with the lines you've recorded. It's a terrific way to get valuable real-world experience using Arabic. In no time, you'll be conditioned to respond correctly without thinking about it, just like you do in English.

Main Features :
- Over 10,000 Words
- Hundreds of Useful Phrases
- Full Motion "Big Picture" Video
- Full Native Speaker Pronunciation
- Record, Playback and Compare
- Advanced Pronunciation Analysis
- SlowSound to Hear Every Nuance
- Alphabet Reference
- Conversation Practice
- Word Dictation
- Grammar Tutorial
- Word and Root Search
- Vocabulous!, Crosswords, and More Interactive Games
- Video Unscramble
- Online Testing
- Personal Progress Tracking
- Plus Much More!

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